Spring in the New River Gorge

Spring in the New River Gorge

The view of the New River Gorge from ACE’s Zip Line Tour

As the ground finally thaws, flowers begin to bloom and birds serenade me each morning, my junior year of college winds to an end, and the promise of another year of adventure begins to renew itself. I couldn’t possibly be more excited to begin working with ACE Adventure Resort again at the beginning of the summer season.

Winter found me trapped indoors, unless otherwise to shovel mounds of snow, working monotonous retail jobs indoor, writing essays and spending my free time on the Internet. Cabin fever is all too kind of a word for how I find myself through the cold months. Sure, snow has its beauty in nature, just as all seasons do. However, it can be a put-off. Few have found themselves trapped inside because it was just too sunny and nice outside.

And while we become busy with work and finding things to keep the time going while indoors, there is always the promise of spring, and it’s ever more popular sister, summer. Nature turns up the radio on the noises that fill the air, from animals singing praise of sunshine and the new life babbling water offers to adventure seekers. As the sound of your cell phone is doomed to dull, and you reconnect with the world we are meant to love and appreciate, you gain back a small piece of whatever was frozen during winter.

When the first wave of New River water splashes me in the face, it will cleanse me from whatever stress has built up from months before. It’s ironic that everyone sort of stops what they are doing to appreciate summer. Schools close, people take time off of work to take trips and travel places that they have been planning all year long, perhaps even years. Why not take trips and adventure during the winter? Because the song of summer calls your name and it is simply too sweet to ignore. Nature cannot ignore it, human cannot resist it. So as life begins to wind down for us and adventure begins to wind up, ask yourself what you would like to connect with this spring in the New River Gorge?

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