Stay Prepared With First-Aid Essentials

First Aid EssentialsMinor injuries and illness don’t discriminate and anyone is prone to them anywhere at any time, which is why it’s important to always have the necessities with you while camping – a first aid kit. While first aid kits may be purchased as a whole, it’s more beneficial and cost-efficient to create your own – this way, can personalize it to you and your family’s specific needs. For example, if someone suffers from migraines every now and then, you’ll know to pack migraine medication or if someone is allergic to poison ivy, you can ensure you have everything you need to treat it.

Whether you’re a expert white water rafting on the New River Gorge or are a beginner zip lining through the wilderness, minor scrapes and cuts happen from time-to-time in the great outdoors. You might also expect tick bites and some sunburn while enjoying your time outside, which is when a first aid kit will also come in handy!

Below are a few necessities to include when creating your kit.

  •     Classic Bandage Items


  •     Blister pads


  •     Medical tape


  •     Elastic bandages


  •     Sterile gauze


  •     Adhesive bandages in various shapes and sizes


  •     Bandana


  •     Include items to help sterilize wounds and prevent infection.


  •     Cotton swabs


  •     Anti-bacterial cream


  •     Hand sanitizer


  •     Alcohol wipes

Add a variety of over-the-counter medications to your kit:

  •     Pain relievers


  •     Digestive medication for heartburn or nausea


  •     Allergy medications (antihistamines)

Don’t forget medical instruments and tools:

  •     Tweezers


  •     Scissors


  •     Thermometer


  •     Rubber gloves


  •     Multi-tool

Include a few sprays and creams:

  •     Anti-itch creams/sprays


  •     Aloe Vera for burn relief

When creating your own first aid kit, keep in mind that your needs may differ from the basics, which is why it’s beneficial to create your own from scratch. If you have a chronic illness such as diabetes, be sure to include a separate kit to accommodate your needs. Other basic necessities include a small flashlight for treating wounds at nighttime, as well as a first aid manual! Check out some more of our camping must-haves here, an ideal list for a new camper or if you simply need a refresher. Again, headaches and minor cuts and scrapes are inevitable regardless of your experience level, so it’s important to have your first-aid essentials totally prepared while enjoying the great outdoors.

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