Strolling down memory lane without a GPS


I am getting ready to turn a certain landmark age. It starts with “F” and rhymes with shorty. As I think back into the shadows of time, things used to be so much easier.From my desk, I can see the lake on the ACE property. I watch kids and adults alike play on all of the toys on the lake. It reminds me of when I was a kid, going to the pool and swimming so hard all day that I would collapse on the drive home. Overall, it was such a simpler time. Technology was not a curse. It was a luxury. Don’t you remember the joy of being a kid in the summer? It seemed like anything was possible.

You were not chained to your laptop or cellphone. You actually went places without worrying about whether you are connected or not. If you missed a television show, you missed it. And life went on. There was no downloading or email or iPods or mpegs. No spam or DVDs or TiVo. Now, I am overwhelmed by the amount of technologies that have consumed our existence. People on Facebook update their status every 10 minutes. I don’t have that kind of time.

It used to be you drove your car without a phone in your ear, and if you got lost you used this device called a map. There was no GPS when my mom got us lost on the way to Myrtle Beach. My dad had taken a break sleeping in the back of our white station wagon with wood paneling. It was not pretty, but to this day it is a trademark family story. A memory. And don’t all families have these little gems that you always bring up at reunions.

I think that what we do at ACE is remind people of the past. Simplicity is OK. In fact, it is desired. Our deluxe cabins have no phone lines. What is shocking at first actually becomes a comfort. To take stock and enjoy that quality family time is a gift.

When you are whitewater rafting on the Upper Gauley, the last thing on your mind is updating your blog. You are singular in that moment. When you are harnessed in and speeding along our Zipline Canopy Tour, the last thing on your mind is returning an email. When you are rappelling from a rock face in the New River Gorge, you are not burdened by the TV shows you’re missing. You can simply enjoy the view.

Memories are not something that are up for auction on Ebay. They are created. They are snapshots in time that you store in your heart and mind. Not your laptop.

So do you have a favorite memory from a family vacation? How about a favorite moment here at ACE? Or maybe play devil’s advocate: What piece of modern technology can you just not live without?

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