Surviving Valentine’s Day with West Virginia Adventures

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Valentine’s Day lurks just two weeks away and, like most people, there’s a good chance you’re worried about surviving this most romantic of holidays. We can just feel the anxiety ratchet up a notch as you read this.

Just remember, Valentine’s Day is like rafting New River white water. If handled well, it can be a lot of fun. If you go at it half-heartedly, well, it can get crazy in a hurry. To help you out, here are four gifts to avoid and sensible alternatives that can make you the hero/heroine of your Valentine’s Day story.

1. New Vacuum Cleaner (Women)/ Push Lawn Mower (Men) – Why ruin a great excuse for a romantic getaway with thoughts of house or yard work? Why push anything when you can get on zip line and let gravity haul you through the West Virginia trees. Best part? You can zip side by side wrapped in each other’s love.

2. Framed Picture of Your Ex – This is self-explanatory. Really. If you must give your sweetie a picture, why not one with both of you in it? Give a the gift of New River rafting and come home with a picture of the two of you taking on sweet, sweet white water. You can hang that on your wall worry free.
NOTE: It’s probably best to present a gift certificate on Valentine’s Day and save the rafting for when it’s a touch warmer.

3. Diet Anything - Um, yeah. Rather than thinly veiled hints, just get outside. A nice walk in the woods, together, actually talking and enjoying each other’s company is a great way for both of you to get exercise. Want to go a little faster? Give mountain biking a try.

4. One-Man Tent – What are you thinking? Put that back. Right now. Do yourself a favor and book a luxury cabin for a Valentine’s Day getaway your S.O. will remember for all the right reasons. Plus, you’ll never fit a hot tub in that tent.

So go forth with confidence this Valentine’s Day and smile knowingly when your darling tells you that this has been the best one yet.

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