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Okay, want to know quickly why whitewater rafting trips in West Virginia are the best? Here you go.  A quick, down and dirty, all-you-need-to-know list of the key elements of the awesomeness of our sport.  Ready?

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The weather outside is well…..less than inspiring for whitewater rafting in West Virginia. But who cares? We don’t. And you shouldn’t either. Don’t think that ACE isn’t a great option when it comes to a little winter getaway. It is. … Continue reading

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Ah, the New River Gorge.  It’s home.  But ever since I moved back to West Virginia years ago, I’ve wanted to go visit all of my friends in Atlanta.  They make me laugh like no one else can. Somehow, though, … Continue reading

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So, we don’t generally use two exclamation points in a title here on the ACEblog. Not sure why.  Maybe it’s because there’s so much cool stuff going on around here, it just doesn’t seem right.  In a way, everything kind … Continue reading

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