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Carpe Diem. Seize the day. A stroke isn’t enough to keep one man’s aunt from her dream to walk the New River Gorge Bridge catwalk and reminds us to make the most of every day. Continue reading

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Recently, ACE whitewater rafting and adventure vacation scientists decided to experiment on several ordinary American college students, just to see what would happen. We substituted their normal spring break with a stay in a cabin in the New River Gorge … Continue reading

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Whitewater rafting in West Virginia sets the bar pretty freakin’ high as far as vacations go. Why?  Because no one likes boring.  And vacations here in the mountains are the kryptonite of boring.   When you finally get some time … Continue reading

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It was a shocking scene under the New River Gorge Bridge. There I was, 850 feet up in the air.  I was walking on the tiny catwalk under the massive bridge, training to become a Bridge Walk tour guide. Then, … Continue reading

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Ahh, the holiday season is well under way! Stores stocked with Christmas trees right after Halloween masks were ripped from the shelves. It seems like Thanksgiving fell under the radar this year. As a long-term customer service representative with a … Continue reading

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It is a tough job working for North America’s largest adventure resort at times. I guess someone has to do it, though. Continue reading

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So this year, I have made a list of ACE-related New Year’s Resolutions. I readily admit that I have not taken advantage of all that we offer here, but this is my year: Scott’s top 10 for 2010. Continue reading

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Trish wrote a great Casey Joins The ACE Blog Team — And The Office blog post about the jitters she got taking pictures out beneath the New River Gorge Bridge. But it doesn’t seem to show in her photos. Continue reading

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