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Building trails or rafting at ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia, rain or shine, adventure vacations are a state of mind. Continue reading

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Jessica’s entry in our cabin naming contest inspired the name for the newest ACE cabins in the heart of West Virginia rafting country, the Ridge View Retreat. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day lurks just two weeks away and, like most people, there’s a good chance that you haven’t given much thought or are having trouble deciding on something to make this year’s Valentine’s Day special. We can just feel the anxiety ratchet up a notch as you read this. Don’t worry, ACE Adventure Resort is here to help. Continue reading

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Help ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia name its new cabins! If you’re selected, you’ll win a free night in one of our latest lodging additions. Continue reading

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Recently, ACE whitewater rafting and adventure vacation scientists decided to experiment on several ordinary American college students, just to see what would happen. We substituted their normal spring break with a stay in a cabin in the New River Gorge … Continue reading

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Whitewater rafting in West Virginia sets the bar pretty freakin’ high as far as vacations go. Why?  Because no one likes boring.  And vacations here in the mountains are the kryptonite of boring.   When you finally get some time … Continue reading

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Ahh, the holiday season is well under way! Stores stocked with Christmas trees right after Halloween masks were ripped from the shelves. It seems like Thanksgiving fell under the radar this year. As a long-term customer service representative with a … Continue reading

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Well, here we are; Black Friday again. I’m stuck at some store, instead of out with my friends. Shoppers get mad and check-out lines clog, So I thought I’d check in on this awesomesauce blog. And what do I find, … Continue reading

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We get it.  It’s fall.  Time to hunker down.  The kids are in school.  Everyone has all kinds of stuff going on.  The holidays are coming.  Noses are being put to grindstones. Unless … Unless there was a place in, … Continue reading

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Hi everyone.  West Virginia here.  You can call me the Mountain State if you want. Just wanted to talk to you for a second about vacations.  It’s kind of my specialty.  Anyway, most people think that, y’know, vacations in the … Continue reading

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