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Building trails or rafting at ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia, rain or shine, adventure vacations are a state of mind. Continue reading

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We’re hosting our annual Trail Maintenance Weekend at ACE Adventure Resort. In return for your help, we’ll put you up for free. In a cabin. With a hot tub. Continue reading

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This video shows the magic of rolling over the world on two wheels. Whether weekend warrior or high-flying free rider, mountain biking offers a broad appeal. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day lurks just two weeks away and, like most people, there’s a good chance that you haven’t given much thought or are having trouble deciding on something to make this year’s Valentine’s Day special. We can just feel the anxiety ratchet up a notch as you read this. Don’t worry, ACE Adventure Resort is here to help. Continue reading

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An ACE guest takes time to write us about his family’s experience whitewater rafting, mountain biking, dining and relaxing at ACE Adventure Resort in southern West Virginia. Continue reading

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These are the top 5 off-river activities I recommend during Gauley River season. Continue reading

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Heading into this summer, all conditions are primed for some great Thursday Night Group Rides. Continue reading

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If you might be interested in a mountain-bike racing race career, start with ACE’s WVMBA race on August 22. It’s called the ACE New River Bike Fest. Continue reading

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My parents hauled my brother, my sister and I to the “middle of nowhere,” West Virginia, 13 years ago. Who would have thought then that I would be working at ACE? Continue reading

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During the summer, days off come around as often as a blue moon. A guide who isn’t scheduled on the river that day will talk to a manager and try to pick up an extra trip, a canopy tour or some hours helping repair rafts in the boat building. There’s always something to keep you busy at ACE. Continue reading

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