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I would like to state for the record that I do not own a Snuggie. I do love the Snuggie commercial where they are all doing the Macarena while wearing decorative Snuggies, though.  Makes me wanna dance. Seriously.But that’s just … Continue reading

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We get it.  It’s fall.  Time to hunker down.  The kids are in school.  Everyone has all kinds of stuff going on.  The holidays are coming.  Noses are being put to grindstones. Unless … Unless there was a place in, … Continue reading

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Hi everyone.  West Virginia here.  You can call me the Mountain State if you want. Just wanted to talk to you for a second about vacations.  It’s kind of my specialty.  Anyway, most people think that, y’know, vacations in the … Continue reading

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  Okay, okay.  We love whitewater rafting. Admitted.  Happy now? Because you’re thinking, “Ha!  What are you gonna do now, ACE, when rafting season on the New River is done?  How are you going to have any fun, now that … Continue reading

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It is a tough job working for North America’s largest adventure resort at times. I guess someone has to do it, though. Continue reading

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Do you remember that tiny window of sunshine we had a few weeks ago? We in the marketing department had been hoping for such a day to take photos of the Zip Line Canopy Tour with snow on the ground. Continue reading

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Have you ever been to ACE in the winter? Our cabin rentals are very popular, especially with our off-season specials. When the stress of the real world gets to you, why not come on over and rent a cabin, soak in your own hot tub and enjoy a different side of ACE? You’ll see what many people never see: the beauty and tranquility of the winter months. Continue reading

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