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October 20, 2013 marks the date of my first Zip Line Tour. I will have to admit, I was a bit nervous and hesitant — especially when I heard one of the guides say, “By the way, this zip line is a one of a kind in North America. You will be zipping down nine lines, on the edge of a 1,000-foot canyon also known as, “The Grand Canyon of the East.””
The guides began giving our group advice as they reviewed our safety gear. They stressed that it was important to listen to them at all times and to enjoy the ride, scenery and have fun.
Tip: You should never wear loose clothing — something close-fitting, but comfortable.
We started out with a mini-bus ride to our drop off point. I secured my camera around me to capture my experience which I highly recommend. I was ready, set and it was time to hook into the first line.
Taking the leap of faith from the edge of the first platform, I had the thought, “I’ve come this far so I can’t back out now.” Before launching, I asked Paul, one of the four guides, “Where am I going?” Checking my safety gear on last time, he laughed saying, “You’re going that way.” I knew that. The foliage had camouflaged the next platform and I could not see it. Yelping, ”Oh, Dear Jesus!” I leaped.”
Waiting for me on the other side, Chelsea and Marinna gave me a stool to stand on making it easier to unhook me from the zip line. They reassured me, “We’re here for you, Vicki.”
The next few lines had my heart pounding, and I liked it! I was topping speeds of 40+ miles per hour screaming, “Woo-hoooooo” and “Oh my goodness!” The adrenaline rush gave me a natural high. I went backwards on one of the lines. I even experienced a little vertigo and surrendered to the euphoria that was happening inside me.
Next, staggering across a 250- foot swinging bridge, climbing up a 55- foot spiral staircase, I took the PLUNGE! Guide, Steven Kimmel, having a great sense of humor, tossed me a lifeline.
I cannot express enough the professionalism I experienced from the ACE’s Zip Line Tour staff. Safety is their number one priority. I’m 42 and that day, I learned that you are never too old to try new adventures.
Written by: Vicki White

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