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If you find yourself in a tent at ACE, I feel as though tarpology is an important concept to be familiar with. West Virginia has frequently changing weather. Within the same day it can rain, be hot and turn chilly fast. In order to prepare your tent for these possible changes, tarp knowledge is good to have to take your camping experience to the next level.
You’re probably wondering what I mean by tarpology. I’m referring to the act of rigging tarps in specific ways to cover your camp spot from the outside elements. This cannot only keep you cooler but dryer. All you need is a tarp or two and some string. Two tarps are optional. This is if you would like to put one under your tent to prevent water soaking through in case you find yourself in a substantial downpour. One tarp though, when stretched over the top of tent can keep a lot of the abuse from a bad rainstorm. When stretched flat across a tent this also creates an instant shade area, for those hot days. A tarp can be easily and simply stretched above a tent, between two trees with string to protect from rain and heat.

What is important to remember about your tarp is that it should be strung tight enough to be sturdy yet still possess enough flexibility to bend with the wind to prevent it from ripping. If your tarp has one side a different color from the other, then remember to place the lighter of the two facing the sun to reflect the heat.
Something as simple as a tarp and a string doesn’t seem like it can make a huge difference, however if you’ve been camping and been rained out or fried by the heat, you will understand why tarpology is so key!

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