The 10 Best Activities In the New River Gorge (For Horses)

And now, a post from Waldo, The Blogging Horse …
What’s our favorite time for horseback trail rides in the New River Gorge?  Feeding time!

But our second favorite time, well, that would be right about now.  Jeff (our ranch hand and all around caretaker) and me and the rest of the herd at New River Trail Rides are kicking our heels (um, sorry, hooves) up and hibernating on Mountain Top, up here above the gorge.

Jeff visits us twice a day for feed and water so, in-between, we have plenty of time to think up some mischievous ideas. Here’s our top ten list of what we like to do over the winter:

10. Kick our heels up and lose our shoes, because we’ve got to give Jeff something to do in the Spring.

9. Assess and point out all of the weak spots in the fence (refer to the solution in #10).

8. Grow our stylish winter coats so we can stay warm.

7. We each need 8 to 10 gallons of water a day in the winter which is why Jeff visits us twice each day to make sure the water troughs are free of ice.

6. Develop “horse” games around the hay bales. We get fed round bales of wonderful West Virginia grass that get shipped in every few days. Each bales weighs approximately 565 pounds and we each need about 24 lbs a day……wow!

5. Annual physical and check up. Yup, that’s right, we have to visit the “doctor” each year. We get wormed and then a shot with lots of preventative medicine. Waldo looks away!

4. Dream of warm summer days and rides on the trails at ACE Adventure Resort.

3. Tack and equipment repair. It’s Jeff’s job, but we watch.

2. Standby for Santa. It’s our little holiday tradition. He didn’t need us again this year but we were ready.

1. Winter rides! That’s right, we are open and get to go out and frolic in the snow with riders. Winter is a great time for a horseback ride as long as you dress in layers and let us know you are coming.

So, what do you think? Ready for a winter horseback ride? We’re ready for you.x

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  • Rick1

    Cute story Waldo… now if you could just teach your herd how to clean up their byproducts so Jeff didn’t have to do that as well… actually I could use some for my garden ;)

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