The 6 Top ATV Questions About The Best Off Road Vacation Ever


ATV off road vacations at ACE Adventure Resort


It’s your New River Gorge vacation in West Virginia. It’s the end of whitewater rafting season. And it’s time to get down & dirty with ACE’S guided ATV tours.

That’s right. Down. Dirty. ATVs.

As in four-wheelers. And mud. And awesome.

So you’re all hyped up, you decided its time to let loose and ride along with an off road trails ride, huh? Here’s a few lowdown tips to help you though your adventure:

ACE’s guided ATV tours comes complete with Yamaha 550fi for single riders, and Cam Am 500 for the tandem riders. These ATVs are fully auto, so if you have little to no experience on a four-wheeler no worries, a guide will walk you though everything as part of your safety orientation prior to starting.

As part of your package, ACE will provide you with a helmet to keep you noggin safe and goggles for those muddy moments.

Once underway, you can expect to reach an average trail speed of 15 MPH, and a max speed of 25 MPH on the roads. It doesn’t sound fast, because it’s not supposed to. Remember, this is off road trails riding. You’ll be encountering various mud puddles, muddy ruts, hill climbs and lots of trails. For you advanced riders, we also offer a variety of technical trails as well. Just ask your guide. The ride will go ten miles out ACE’s northern slopes to an awesome destination known as “Confederate Rock”, which overlooks the New River just above “Surprise Rapid”. Make sure to bring your camera along on this adventure; this view is breath-taking (and it’s one memory you don’t want to forget to post on the ACE Facebook Page for the chance to win more free trips)! Ten miles back will allow you to ramp up one last time as you thrash your way back through the mud puddles and past an old abandoned ghost town called “Red Ash Village”. Not enough fun for you yet? Don’t forget this is only the beginning; you could pair this adventure up with sunset paintball or a horseback riding trip.


The Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the cost for ACE guided ATV tours?
$149.00 for a single rider,
$39.00 for a tandem rider.


How old must I be to Participate in ACE Guided ATV tours?
You must be 18 years or older to be an an operator.
You must be 12 years or older to be a tandem rider.


What clothing should I wear?
It’s recommended you wear closed-toe shoes and jeans. If it’s going to be cold or a chance of rain, remember to pack warmer gear or rain protection (such as a jacket or shell). Gloves are also recommended but not required.


How long will the ride be?
On average the ATV tour takes three hours from start to finish. You will be riding twenty miles (ten out, ten back) with a short break in the middle at Confederate Rock.


What kind of ATV does ACE provide?
Yamaha 550fi for single riders
Cam Am 500 for tandem riders.


Where do I meet my guide?
You will meet your guide under the white “big top tent” a half hour prior to your trip time. From there, he will walk you through everything. But we’ll make sure you know all that when you book your trip. More questions? Call 1-800-787-3982. We’re here to help


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