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When I have a day off from river work, I jump at the chance to get out-and-about and enjoy some restaurant and retail therapy. It’s a painful hobby for my bank account, but it lifts my spirits like nothing else. Today’s adventures brought me to the on-site ACE store. Even though I pass the store on a daily basis, I really haven’t done much shopping this year.

But today I decided to enjoy the air conditioning, mellow music, and retail bliss.

As a little background info, I worked part-time in the store during my first year as a river guide. The manager was great to me and let me put price tags on T-shirts for hours at a time because I didn’t want to have any major responsibilities. So I have a soft spot in my heart for all of the funny T-shirts in the store. You really could spend an hour just checking out the many designs! I made quite a few laps and got a chuckle out of the text message-inspired shirts that show someone falling out of a boat with a big “OMG!” next to the graphic. You could even say it made me LOL!

Moving on, I noticed that the store is carrying many more kids’ sizes and cute things for the youngsters. Also, they have rafting paddles in a range of sizes from refrigerator magnet to full size — just like you use on the river. On the practical side, the store is carrying a lot of basic essentials that you may have forgotten to pack, everything from ping pong balls to Advil to peanut butter.

As always, the store is where you get your professional-quality photos and videos. It’s always a hub of activity and staffed with some great personalities, so drop on by and spend some time. Go ahead and spend some money, too — it will make you feel good.

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