The Best Combination: Gauley And Bridge Day

It’s September and Gauley Season is here. With all of the local rains we had over the summer, Summersville Lake was full and ready for the big fall release schedule!If you came out over the summer, the Lower New River had great water levels all summer, the best summer levels in years! Now its time to step it up to next level. The Gauley is waiting for you.

As you plan for when you can come take part in the Gauley celebration, consider what some feel to be the most exciting weekend in the world. The third weekend in October is the date of the 2009 Bridge Day Festival (the 17th).

On the Saturday of Bridge Day, the Summersville Dam does not release its regular Gauley Season flow (2800 cfs), and all the action moves back to the New River for the day.

There are ACE Bridge Day packages which include a full day rafting trip with all the bells and whistles. Then when the trip gets down to the New River Gorge Bridge, we typically pull over to the side of the river, climb out onto a big rock, and watch the B.A.S.E. jumping action. It is truly a spectacle to behold.

While we are watching the action from the river below, guests often ask me if I ever jump from the bridge. It may be hard to believe, since we just went through all the adrenaline-pumping, big-water action, but it is great fun for me to watch — and I emphasize watch (not jump!).

They even have a diving board set up for the jumpers to do flips and spins off of before they pull their parachute!

Then as part some of the of the Bridge Day packages, we board the bus and go back to ACE to watch the trip video, then we have a barbecue. It’s a great time followed by great food!

To finish out your weekend, the following day is the last day of the 2009 fall Gauley Season. Everyone is ready to pull out all the stops and go for it, because they know it is the end the season and they realize that it will be another year before it is Gauley Season again!

You can enjoy the best of both rivers in one weekend. Its a win-win situation.

Beat the last-minute crowds by contacting one of our Adventure Consultants today at 1.800.787.3982. You’ll be glad you did.

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