The Right Shoes Mean Everything At ACE


Let’s be honest, some people have a lot of shoes. When I moved here I was sure to bring all my shoes, even my 4-inch party heels. But in reality, I’ll never need those here at ACE.I’ve seen a lot of folks come here in a lot of different shoes, however, I think there are a few basics we should discuss, so you can have your best time at ACE.

Water Shoes/Heel-strap Sandals/Old Sneakers

If you bring one pair of shoes to ACE, let it be a good pair of sandals with a strap around the heel. Sport sandals, water sandals, whatever you want to call them; you need them.

If you are on any water in any watercraft (rafting, kayaking, duckying) at any water level, you need a pair of good foot coverings. They will dry quickly, which makes them great for walking around off the river, too. Before you even think about it, flip-flops do not count! Crocs do not count! We call them “instant river litter.”

No amount of duck tape will keep them on your feet. Believe me, I am a huge fan of Crocs and flip-flops, I wear one or the other every single day I’m not on the river, but on the river they just won’t cut it.

Old sneakers are another perfectly acceptable option. However wet sneakers tend to smell and stay wet for awhile, so be sure to bring a second pair for when you’re not on the river. P.S. Don’t wear them with socks, the socks will only hold water all day long and make you cold and just feel weird!

Good Sneakers/Tennis Shoes/Hiking Boots

For the rest of your time at ACE, good sneakers, tennis shoes or hiking boots will cover everything. If you’re doing any other non-water activity you’ll want your toes covered.

Horseback riding, rock climbing, canopy ?tours, ATV trips, the list goes on and on. For all of them a pair of dry shoes with good toe coverage is all you need. Now, I will say there are lots of other shoes you could bring to ACE.

You could find a purpose for lots of different shoes (even those party heels), but this list is just a start – the minimum. But if you do bring those party heels, stop by the office, I’m a size 8 ½ and I’m always willing to trade.

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