The Top 5 Gauley River T Shirts Of The Past

Gauley River T-shirts are big sellers. They mark the years of whitewater rafting like stories. They’re memories you can wear.

I thought it would be cool to take a look back at the Gauley River shirts of the past.

I’ll tell you, this project took a little research. Not painful, mind you, but I did have to get my camera, mini-notepad, and pencil out for this one. I felt like secret agent Maxwell Smart. On second thought, I think I’m more Agent 99 material. At least I hope so.

My amazing ability for logic delivered me directly to the outfitters’ store to gather the information I needed. After all, that is where one must go to purchase any memorabilia of their ACE adventure, t-shirts included.

Sarah, a longtime member of our sales staff, was very helpful in directing me to the hot sellers of Gauley Seasons gone by. It’s been a while since I’ve perused our t-shirt selection, and I must say, our Gauley River rafters are a fun bunch.

So for your reading pleasure, here is the Gauley “top five”:

ACE Adventure Resort, Drinking Crew with a Rafting Problem


Warning, Contents May Shift During Transport


Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjo Music


There is No “I” in Team, but There is a “U” in Suck


And finally …

I Survived – The splashing, thrashing and trashing at Insignificant – the soaking, choking and gasping at Pillow Rock – weakened, whipped and overwhelmed by Lost Paddle – the panic, fear and trembling at Iron Ring – disoriented, subdued and surrendering by Sweet’s Falls, defeated, humbled and helpless by Fuzzy Box of Kittens – devastated, traumatized and scarred for life on the Gauley River – Now That’s What I Call Fun


I’m interested to know if you have a favorite Gauley t-shirt that you proudly wear. Share with us… my “shoe phone” is always open.

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