Three Cheers For The Transportation Department

Many people both behind the scenes and behind the wheels are the transportation gurus here at ACE. As a customer, I got to know many of the bus drivers by name.I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but after all, they had the cold drinks after the trip! And don’t tell, but you can enjoy them on a school bus — not to mention, one that’s clean, and won’t leave you stranded by the side of the road! OK, I apologize; it’s the teacher in me that’s coming out.

I was also impressed with the fact that given the no-fault roads with WV guardrails (only trees) that these talented drivers could maneuver a bus full of adrenaline-pumped customers safely to and from the river. It is no small undertaking.

Our drivers in random order are: Dennis (Dink), Hank, Doug, Linda, Bryan, Pamela, Julie, Curtis, Clarence, Diane, Charlie, Carl, Darryl (Big D), Susie (Gilmore), Cathy, Katrina, Jason, Tray, Cecil, Paul, Jack, Larry, Kenny, Robert, and Mike. They have certainly earned my respect.

This Floridian-now-transplanted-coastal-Tar Heel is used to flat, wide roads, with the emphasis on flat and wide. These folks can turn the bus on a dime. Not only can you enjoy the Class V rapids on the river, but you can get a Class V bus ride, as well.

Safety and courtesy always avail as they greet you with a smile. They are great.

Gary manages the transportation department and oversees all the drivers and mechanics. Think about it: the transportation logistics involved accommodating all customer trips to and from the river, other ACE activities, equipment trucks, and all other maintenance vehicles. It gives me a headache. I can put gas in the car, check the oil, and change a tire but that’s about my limits.

ACE has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles to maintain. Our three mechanics, Sid, Radar, and Craig, keep the wheels turning daily. They have the know-how to fix what needs to be fixed to keep us up and running. When you pass by the big blue building by the departure area give them a shout out for a job well done.

What do you think of our drivers? Do you have a favorite driver?

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