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In my last blog, I begged and pleaded for the ladies to come rafting to help balance out the bachelor party trips. It got me thinking that sometimes women seem more hesitant about the rafting and camping.So I’m here to boost your confidence with some tips and experiences from a girl who rafts and camps all summer long. And if you’re a man reading this, don’t give up on me because you can use this info to convince the girls and women in your life to join you on an ACE adventure.

First of all, you don’t need to be a body-builder type to paddle a boat. We teach you the mechanics of a few basic paddling strokes and give you tips on ways to maximize your output without too much effort.

It’s all about paddling as a team, so you won’t be singled out as a “weakling.” Also, I find that women tend to have better balance and therefore have a better chance of staying in the boat. This is no guarantee, of course, but it’s a little observation that I’ve made.

And finally, women are typically safer, more logical, and better at taking direction than their male counterparts. I’m not putting down the guys; they have their strengths (carrying coolers, pulling themselves into the boat, telling jokes, etc.), but women have all of the tools needed to make great crew members.

As for the camping, it’s rarely as bad as you imagine! There’s a transition period when you feel swarmed with bugs, stinky with sweat and a wee bit too far from the bathroom, but give yourself a chance to settle in before you go totally nuts.

There’s something very special about sitting by a campfire with friends, or listening to nothing but nature in the moments before dawn. As for the bathroom, bring shower sandals and your soft fancy toilet paper from home and you’ll be completely fine.

Keep in mind that you’re doing something out of your routine so it’s OK to be a little hesitant. But I hope you choose to break out of the box and really expand your adventure limits. You go girl!

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