To Talk To A Real Whitewater Vacations Specialist , Press 2 Now

I am a real person and my name is Margie. I live just down the street from where I work here in the New River Gorge.


So when you ask me about the area you should know that I’m not reading from a pre-approved prompt taped to my desk in a foreign based call bank. I’m telling you what I know about where I live and what I do.

Now, for anyone looking for a whitewater vacation: if you’ve ever dialed the 1-800 number for ACE, you know this perky-press-2-prompt already (the voice says “real person,” but we’re whitewater vacation specialists, too, right?).

But still, society has finally come down to this.  Wading through recorded menus to get what you want.

A century and a half ago we couldn’t get a living, breathing person to talk to on the other end of the wire. Telegraphs were all dot and dash code. Hey, anybody speak morse? Well now we’ve progressed so far we’ve gone full circle!

Anyone dialing a company phone number these days is more likely to get a robotic recording than a vibrant human voice. Good grief, where have all the people gone? It’s a scary world out there with over 6 billion people and no one to talk to.

But not at ACE.

That’s a big part of why I love my job.  My preference for real things, real experiences, real people. Working here allows me to be me, unfettered from the overbearingly fake.

I don’t have a screen saver of cozy cabins in snowy forests by frozen lakes. I can watch fat, fluffy flakes fall in real time just outside my window. My co-workers don’t need a map of the office to find me and they don’t have to read a lapel pin to remember my name. I enjoy the real coziness of my corner office in the woods.

It’s pretty amazing, actually, like having a friendly neighbor in another state. And when you get lost out here because you trusted your GPS, who better to call for directions than someone who has walked the very street you’re trying to find?

I’ve given directions to OnStar before.  Because I rock.

Such a simple business plan, maintaining a local staff, but oh so rare! The employees here at ACE have rafted the rivers you want to conquer. We have hiked the mountains you want to wander through. We have zipped along that canopy tour you saw on TV.

We are real people who just happen to have adventure in our backyards. Don’t be jealous, just make a note to call us soon and come visit for a while!

I’ll end with this: If you call ACE, you’ll likely get me on the other end. I don’t have any glorified title or even a regular phone extension. So when you press 2, if you don’t get me on the phone, don’t fret. We don’t hire robots! Promise.

Perhaps someday that will violate some equal opportunity act, but for right now we are strictly a real-person company. Anyone here really can help you. We can answer your questions, book your reservations and help you work out all those pesky travel problems without transferring you to ten million different departments.

From one real person to another, you won’t be disappointed. I’d tell you that over the phone, too.

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