Why We Took The Plunge When We Tied The Knot

New River Gorge

It’s one of the biggest days of your life. Why would you spend it being stressed out, jumping through hoops and participating in things that don’t even really appeal to you only for “tradition” sake? This is how Tammy and Keith Taylor feel about their wedding they had with ACE on July 12. Keith and Tammy spent the morning floating down the Upper New River in duckies. There was no crying over the hairdresser ruining her hair, no late florist, no lost rings and no lingering question of “what do we do with all of this cake?!” There was however, their closest family and friends, sharing in a fun filled day on the river in the sunshine.

There was no stress to dim the joy of their special day. As the river trip approached Jump Rock, the couple both prepared to take the plunge and marry their best friend. Their wedding ceremony was held on top of the jump rock, in which Minister Harry Fuler gave a beautiful analogy of love being much like the rivers. The New River is the only river to flow against nature’s will, against the vast mountains, and flow north. The Gauley river has been made an angry river and will put even the most skilled rafter in their place. The two rivers while untamable despite even the best of efforts, come together and find serenity. As we realize the surrounding beauty, the beauty of that comparison, and the love in front of us during this awesome ceremony, the two clasped hands and took a leap faith together into the river below.

Keith is a chef who does a lot of high end gourmet dinners and he has seen the stress of planning a traditional wedding. It just wasn’t something the two were interested in. They wanted adventure, much like what their prior 10 years together has already brought them. Relatives came in from Texas to share in the event, even jumping off the rock as well to show the faith they too share in the relationship (and to have some fun as well).
We are so thankful we got to be a part of this lovely couples day. Jumping into the river of love, adventure style. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate plunge.

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