Top 10 Reasons To Work At ACE

What’s so great about working at ACE?

I’ve worked here full time, year round since April 1, 1989, a day I’ll never forget. I had a perfectly good job in Bristol, Tenn., when one of the original partners, Jack Tolliver, approached me about quitting my job and moving to West Virginia to work for ACE. I’d have to take a significant pay cut, but he clinched the deal by promising to build me a house at ACE.

The previous summer my husband, Jack Lund, had guided in West Virginia while I worked in Bristol. We’d “commuted” to see each other whenever we had a chance, but thought it was time to both work in the same place. My first day of official employment arrived, so I showed up for work, asked what I was supposed to do and nobody had a clue. I improvised, found myself a desk and started to analyze what I could do to be a productive employee.

At that time we took so few reservations they were just written on large, white Marlite boards with day-by-day grids. I decided we needed a better system of tracking reservations, so I set up a log and assigned numbers to the names so we could cross reference information. From there I went on to set up a new store for them.

I truly enjoyed that since my first job in the real world had been managing a blue jeans store, just when jeans were becoming fashionable. But I’ve digressed, and that reminds me of the original title, so, here’s a list of 10 things (there are many more, but I’ll limit it to 10) that are great about working at ACE.

1. I can wear blue jeans or shorts to work everyday and never have to dress up.

2. I can walk to work and save lots of money on fuel.

3. I can walk out of my office and hike the trails around here for miles.

4. If I don’t feel like cooking, I can grab dinner at the Dining Lodge and take it home.

5. A lounge onsite? Heck, I can stumble home – and have on several occasions.

6. The guys I work for are absolutely wonderful people!

7. I can work a flexible schedule.

8. I can take part in any activity ACE offers.

9. My fellow employees, without a doubt, are the greatest bunch of people I’ve ever worked with. It’s like having family around you all the time.

10. And most importantly, knowing that my job contributes to helping our guests have the time of their lives brings a smile to my face every trip.

Who else do you know whose work life is actually more like a vacation?

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