Top 5 Summer Activities to Consider, Including Family White Water Rafting

Zip Line Tours

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With the kids out of school and summer quickly approaching, you may be one of the many parents who are looking for some fun ways to enjoy the warm weather and spend time with family. There are so many activities that allow families to get out and enjoy the great outdoors without breaking the bank, from family white water rafting to rock climbing.

Check out our list of top five summer activities:

Family White Water Rafting

Are you ready to get wet and wild? Perfect for all age groups, white water rafting is the ideal activity to experience some fun in the sun. There are six levels of white water rafting, graded according to level of difficulty – the lower the number, the easier your trip down the river will be. These levels range from rapids for the beginners or families simply looking to have a good time, to challenging rapids which are best for the experienced rafter.

Zip Line Tours

Zip line tours are great for an adventure-seeking family. Soar through the forest and feel the wind on your face while experiencing the forest from a whole different point of view. Zip lining is a once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully more than that, if you’re lucky) experience and is a perfect summer activity to experience together as a family.


What better way to enjoy nature and bond as a family than on a hike through the wilderness? Hiking is a fantastic way to stay fit and experience nature first-hand. Depending on where you go, you can check out some phenomenal views- you’ll definitely want to bring a camera for this!

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a great activity for summer, as well as an activity that everyone must experience at least once! Many places such as ACE Adventure Resort offer guided horseback riding tours leading through miles of trails. With stunning views and all the fresh air you can handle, horseback riding makes for an excellent family activity for summer. Giddy up and “get back on the horse!”

Rock Climbing

Climb to new heights while bonding as a family by rock climbing! Rock climbing is a fun way to test out your strength and is fun for all ages. Rock climbing isn’t all about strength, however – you don’t need to incredibly strong to enjoy it. Rock climbing is also about good decision-making when it comes to strategizing the best way to get to the very top!

From family white water rafting to horseback riding through miles of trails, there are a large amount of activities to keep your family active and outdoors this summer. Take a break from work and have the kids turn off the television and begin planning some fun summer events to participate in as a family.

What are some warm weather activities you recommend this summer?

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