Tourism Students visit ACE

In May of 2014, ACE was proud to show some high school students from Boone Career & Technical Center around our property and highlight what it’s like to work in WV’s Tourism and Outdoor Recreation industry. Because we are cool, we offered them a contest = best blog about their day at ACE wins a pass for 4 people at our Adventure Park & Lake. Below are the four entries we received from the 8 participants.

Because these cats are as cool as we are, we decided to give all four entries a pass for one free zip line tour (in addition to the grand prize winner). We look forward to having the next generation of outdoor professionals back at ACE Adventure Resort. Thanks guys for the awesome blogs!

tourism industry in WV

Boone Career & Technical Center Participants with Ms. Roberts

THE BIG WINNER = Tyler Elkins-
Thank You ACE for letting my school and I come to your resort! I had a blast doing all the things we did; rafting, zip lining, staying in a cabin, paintball, playing in the lake, and running around with Jim on security! Out of all the fun I had, there was one thing that I enjoyed doing the most and that was zip lining. Our instructor’s name was Ryan and he was awesome. He made my zip lining experience fun and exciting! As much as I loved zip lining, I also loved the lake. My friends and I had a blast on the blob, launching people in the air. We jumped on the water trampolines, did the lake zip line, and played on the jungle gyms. I know this blog was supposed to be about my favorite thing, but I honestly loved everything about ACE. I had the best time rafting down the upper New River. My River Guide/Teacher Ms. Roberts taught me a lot about rafting and reading where the river water is going; she also taught us how to hit a rapid the correct way to where we wouldn’t flip.

When I first got to ACE, it looked like nothing but fun to me, and it was. The morning I got there I didn’t know what to expect. Ms. Roberts took me up to the bus garage, which is where I met Jim the security guard. He took another student and I all around the 1500 acre resort on a side by side four-wheeler. He took us to the top of the resort and showed us an amazing overlook of the historical town of Thermond and explained to us how it used to be a booming town with 450 people living there. There are now currently 5 people living in Thermond, West Virginia.

My experiences at ACE were amazing and I can’t wait to come back with my family and friends to play in the lake and paintball. I’m sure they’ll love it just as much as I did. Besides, my family has been wanting to go to ACE for a very long time anyway! Thank you for the wonderful expierence I had while I was at ACE, I can’t wait to come back soon!

The most action packed plACE in West Virginia- Garrett Napier 
Why travel outside the state of West Virginia looking for adventure when right in our own back yard there is a 1500 acre adrenaline farm. ACE adventure resort is fun and daring for all ages.  When we arrived at ace we were all filled with excitement, and couldn’t wait to get the day started. Ace has friendly, enthusiastic employees. You could tell everyone there was passionate about their job. Throughout the day we did some crazy and exciting activities including  getting launched into the lake by the blob and doing some extreme mountain bike trails with spectacular views of the New River Gorge. In the evening we harnessed up and were soon zipping from platform to platform, gaining speeds up to forty miles per hour. I definitely recommend the evening zips because you don’t want to miss the sun setting on the New River. Zip lining is an awesome addiction and I will definitely do it again. As the morning sun arose, so did we, gathering our things for a day of whitewater rafting on the upper New River. With our Gopros rolling we hit the rapids without fear, following behind our experienced guides. This was two of the most action packed and unforgettable days I  have experienced. I recommend this trip for all thrill seekers in search of an adrenaline high!

Landen Napier-
The best way to describe my adventure at ACE is pure adrenaline! The second you step out of your vehicle at the welcome center you know you are in for an awesome experience. Immediately your attention is drawn to the lake. The lake has a zip line, water slide, a blob, and many inflatable items including trampolines, slides, and rock walls. The lake is one of the coolest places at ACE, but we are just getting started.  ACE offers mountain biking courses. One amazing trail takes you on a breath taking ride as it brings you to the beautiful overlook above the once booming coal town of Thurmond. For all of the thrill seekers you can strap into a harness and go on the ride of your life as you zip from platform to platform along the rim of the new river gorge. After an adventuress day of zip lining you and your friends can go head to head in exciting matches of paintball. It’s up to you and your allies to defend your territory. If you are daring enough to put on your PFD and get into the raft, then you will have one of the best times of your life as you ride the rapids of the New River.  The overall best part about being at ACE is the staff. They help to make your trip enjoyable and unforgettable. ACE Adventure Resort is a perfect getaway location which will lead to a lifetime of fun filled adventures.

Jeffery Adkins-
The ACE Adventure Resort was one of the most amazing experiences of my life; I will definitely never forget this trip. From the time that I arrived there, to even after I returned home, it was just so much fun. All of the staff there were like best friends, it was basically one big family. Everyone had their job and knew how to do it very well. They all work diligently to keep the mountain that the resort is on cleaned up, free of trash beside the trails and the roads. This resort was enormous. It was like a huge maze of hiking trails and there is so much that it offers. From paintballing to zip line tours to white water rafting down one of the oldest rivers in the world. I want to, and plan on going back there this summer.

I was only there for about two days, and within those two days I had the time of my life. The first thing I did when I got there was an internship in which I worked in the company restaurant which was a lot of fun. The staff there is so friendly and we were friends in no time. Then I had a second internship that afternoon and I got to follow the security guard, Jim, around the resort. He basically drove me around and showed a majority of the place, it was too big to see it all within those two hours. The thing he did show me was probably one of the best views I have ever saw in my life. This was the overlook view from the top of the mountain that looked down on the New River and the town of Thurmond. The next thing I did was swim at the lake. The lake was so much fun with all the giant floats and also just swimming is fun in general to me. That evening I went on the zip line tour, which I would have to say is my favorite part of this trip. I am absolutely terrified of heights by the way, just to let you know. My zip line guide was Ryan. Ryan was a really cool and fun guy, and he knew exactly what he was doing. I was hesitant to do the first zip because of the height, but after that I loved it. The views during the line were breathtaking and just astonishing. The feeling and adrenaline rush I received was just great. After the zip line tour we went back to our cabins and made a fire then went to sleep for another day of adventure tomorrow. The next morning we went back to the restaurant to eat breakfast then I set out for my white water rafting tour. By the time we arrived to the sport we would begin the crew was already there and had our rafts and duckies ready to go. We went through the Upper New River so the rapids weren’t that bad and the biggest one was a class 3 rapid called surprise. That was the best part of it. At the end of the rafting tour they already had the truck there and ready to take our rafts. As we were putting our rafts on the truck on of the guides were cooking us lunch. After the rafting tour we started our hour and a half journey back home.

I only got to do a few things this wonderful place had to offer but I want to go back and explore the rest. This place has showed me how much I like to adventure and do fun things such as these. It has opened my eyes and has changed my views on several things. I have been greatly impacted by ACE and I might even see myself as a future employee possibly. I fell in love with ACE since I sat foot in it, I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

*the blog entries are shown in their original form. Judging was based off content, writing style and grammar.

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