Trail Maintenance, Hot Tubs and You

Did you ever wonder how your favorite trails came to be?

It’s totally cool if the answer is no, but it’s important to know that good trails don’t make themselves.

Alright, we’ll make this even easier.

You like hot tubs, right? How about hiking or mountain biking or trail running? We thought as much, that’s why we’re hosting our annual Trail Maintenance Weekend. We’re asking you for a bit of help in exchange for a place to stay.

Not sure what to do? No worries. It’s easy, all you do is show up, stay in a Cozy Cabin for free, complete with hot tub, and we’ll hook you up with implements of construction and point you in the right direction. With a qualified trail-building foreman, of course.

Did we mention the cabin was FREE? As in, not costing you a nickel? Same goes for the hot tub. Just remember, there are only so many Cozy Cabins, so you’ll need to call us (800-787-3982) and make a reservation so you don’t have to make a nest of pine needles, dead leaves and your jacket.

Also, bring your mountain bike, running shoes or hiking boots and you can hit the trails in the evening. If you need a bike, we’ll set you up with one of our rentals – FREE. (Sensing a theme yet?)

Head on over to our Facebook page for all the details. And, above all, don’t forget to call to reserve your digs for the weekend.

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