Treasure Hunters Come to ACE Adventure Resort

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If you are a treasure hunter who gets a thrill searching for lost treasure, then ACE may be the place for you.

There are many legends concerning lost treasure in this area. I will relate two brief stories to you, the legend of William Holland’s Fortune and the Lost Civil War Cannon.

William Holland’s Fortune. William Holland was a civil engineer and coal operator at Nuttallburg (an old ghost town on the New River) said to have mistrusted banks. After his death, people living in his house found jars filled with gold coins and bank notes hidden in and around his house. It is reported that carpenters working on the house found something one day and left, never to return. Legend maintains that there were several incidents that unearthed more than $40,000 total hidden on the property. Soon treasure hunters flocked to his property and reportedly dug up the entire grounds in search of more treasure.

Who knows if anything was missed, many believe so. The old homestead is nothing but an old foundation now on National Park property, so it is illegal to search there now. But if you go rafting on the Lower New River, you will pass right by it at Double Z rapid.

Lost Cannon of Cotton Hill. About 9 miles north, north-west of the ACE Resort sits Cotton Hill. During the Civil War, there were many skirmishes here. On Sept. 11, 1862, Capt. Joel H. Abbot, Company H, 8th Virginia Calvary, C.S.A., ordered his men to hide a 1,200 pound Napoleon Cannon while retreating from Cotton Hill. After the war, Capt. Abbot claimed that they hid the cannon in a deep ravine, underneath an overhanging cliff and covered with leaves. He said they never retrieved it and so it still sits there.

Said by some to be made of brass, but it is most likely bronze, several people through the years have claimed to have found the cannon. Some of these people were well respected. But to this date no one has brought it out, or at least they haven’t told anyone.

So if you feel lucky, and you want to hunt for lost treasure, let me know I might join you. If there is enough interest, we can set up an expedition! I recommend you rent one of ACE’s cabins with a hot tub because you will be sore climbing up and down these mountains on your hunt. And if nothing else, take a raft trip or ATV tour while you’re here. After all, the true treasure in life is experiencing it.

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