Video: ACE Paintball Courses

Picture yourself nestled in the serene, lush landscape atop the ACE Adventure Resort property. The peaceful blanket of silence is broken only by the rustling wind, chirping birds and occasional snapping twig under deer hooves.

Oh, and of course the constant pattering of the paintball guns that your friends are aiming in your direction and the splattering of paint as volleys of ammunition plaster your fortification.

When you’re on one of ACE’s three paintball courses, the scenery will melt away as you try to survive in the diverse war zones.

The first course is full of low bunkers that will give a whole new meaning to “keeping your head down.” Travel to the second site where you’ll play a fast-paced, thrilling game in an area containing six-foot bunkers scattered across a larger field.

The third area, known as the “woods course,” covers a huge patch of woods with trails tangling through the thick underbrush. Prepare for a game of hide-and-seek as you stealthily flank your opponent for a surprise attack.

Between the world-class equipment, courses and staff, you’re sure to have an exciting and safe outing which will perfectly compliment the rest of your vacation activities.

So take a deep break, exhale slowly, and use that trigger finger to squeeze the mouse and reserve your paintball adventure.

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