Video Boaters Make Memories At ACE

Austin, Video Boater

In my last blog post, I was explaining the video boater process and how your cool looking moments are captured on your big day of rafting. Now, I want to turn our attention to those crazy guys and gals who put their physical and creative talents into making a memorable video.

ACE’s video staff is composed of a diverse bunch of boaters who risk life and limb to capture your vacation antics. Since they are essentially kayaking alone on Class III-V stretches of whitewater, they are all pretty skilled on the boating end of things.

As for their video skills, I’m amazed how they make it look like they have a tripod and high-tech setup even when they’re teetering on an undercut rock in the middle of a rainstorm. Have you ever tried to run a video camera, hold an umbrella, and narrate as six rafts come crashing through whitewater?

That’s just another day on the job for this bunch of pros. Even so, the video folks often feel unappreciated compared to their raft guide counterparts so here is my little way of giving back.

I want you all to help me give a shout-out to your favorite videographers. From P. Love to Austin (that’s him editing a trip video in the photo above) to Aleah and Karl, Ken, John — the whole bunch.

What makes them special? What are your favorite video songs? Do you find yourself watching old videos at home whenever you need a little whitewater getaway? I know I do!

I love how each video ends up with its own style and story. Of course, the rafters carry the plot but the video boater gives it a theme. Even though I end up watching between four to six videos each week from my own trips I still laugh at the jokes, sing along with the tunes, and clap at the closing credits.

Hats off to the video department for making us all look good and giving us a take-home memory for all to enjoy!

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