Video: The Mud Obstacle Course at ACE

The greatest enjoyment of owning a mud obstacle course is witnessing the different reactions it evokes from guests the first time they see it. They can range from “What’s that?” to “No, really.” to “That looks so cool.” to “No way are you getting me in that mud.” Whatever the response, it is usually filled with emotion and a smile. That’s because you can’t find a course like this just anywhere. Sure you could join the Army, but they don’t get to go rafting until much later in their training.

The foundation of the mud obstacle course consists of two elements: team building and mud. You can’t get through the course without getting a heavy dose of both. The course is divided into two lanes and has over 10 obstacles, so teams can race head to head. Teams must finish each challenge as a team and sing a group cheer before they can move on to the next obstacle. Whether it’s the Commando Crawl, the Slicky Slide, or the Tarzan Swing, the course provides a fun atmosphere where teams have to work together or they won’t be able finish the challenge. With the other team racing ahead, that is simply not an option. It’s always fun to watch the natural leaders emerge out of each group and help their teammates along.

As the teams near the last two obstacles, they will hit the “clean off” section. This is a relative term of course, but swimming through the lake water to attack the lily pads and begin the raft race usually minimizes the damage on the washing machines. The lake water, however, will not wash away the memory of charging through the mud with your friends and family. If you want a truly unique and outrageous group activity then The Mud Obstacle Course at ACE Adventure Resort is the perfect choice.

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