Video | Whitewater Excursion Team Hits the Ropes Course

The Whitewater Excursion Team from Ball State University recently visited the ACE Adventure Resort. Composed mainly of incoming freshmen, the team traveled all the way from Muncie, Indiana to experience a fun-filled outdoor adventure. While the main event for the trip was white water rafting the team also took advantage of some of the many high adventure activities ACE has to offer. One of the activities the team explored was the High Challenge Ropes Course.

Focused on team-building, the course taught the students how to work together in rather unique outdoor simulations. First the team played a couple of team-building games. Not knowing each other beforehand, the group got to know one another pretty quickly.

After the team warmed up with some challenging thinking games it was on to the Alpine Tower. Shooting skyward, The Alpine Tower is bolted with climbing holds and draped with ropes, cargo nets, ladders, suspended logs and a few other climbing obstacles. Belayed from the ground with a safety cable and harness, climbers can choose their own path to the top and then enjoy a controlled descent back to the ground.

With cheers for each other at the top of the tower and high fives all around, The Whitewater Excursion Team was working as one by the end of the day. There was no doubt they’d all be paddling as a team the next day for their Lower New white water rafting trip.

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