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At any water level, on any section of river, whitewater rafting is cool. And for the people who choose to go boating, they get a few hours of feeling cool. And how can you savor those moments over and over? With a cool video of your cool day.

I often tell my rafting crews that, “It’s all about the video.” This means that they can ask silly questions, eat too much at lunch, spill sunscreen all over the boat and generally be a disaster, but as long as they look good in the video rapids, they will be able to hold their head up high at the end of the day.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me break down the process for you. We have a staff of video boaters (each with their own colorful personality) and one is usually assigned to go along with each river trip.

They kayak along with the trip, staying ahead so that they can video the rafts descending four to six of the major rapids. They also video crews as they are surfing and they capture all of the chills and thrills at Jump Rock. At the end of the day, the video boater gets back to ACE Adventure Resort and takes an hour to edit the video and add some awesome effects.

The end result is usually about 25-30 minutes of video, set to music, and narrated by the video boater. Guides, guests and all sorts of spectators gather under the Big Top Tent to watch the masterpiece (for free). It’s the perfect way to wrap up a really fun day. And if you want to take a copy home with you, they’re immediately available in the ACE store.

Keep in mind, if you want to guarantee that a videographer is on your trip, you may have to pre-order a video or at least make arrangements when you are booking the trip. Talk to your reservation specialist to get the full scoop. Also, if you already went rafting and you regret not getting the video, have no fear.

ACE keeps an archive of videos so call in and we’ll send you a copy. I hope this helps you feel prepared for a very cool day of video stardom on the river. In my next blog, I think I’ll give a shout out to those colorful characters behind the camera. Stay tuned.

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