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The irony of it all is we’re sitting at a computer, blogging, trying to get you to come outdoors with us. Only in the 21st century, right?
Not to worry, though, you’re not alone: It turns out, the travel industry experts tell us, that 2009 is shaping up to be the kind of year when Americans take that classic family vacation back to basics – and back to the wilderness. LOTS of people are getting online to do the research and look for those classic American road trips and camping excursions.

But don’t just take it from us. Our friend Shannon Lane Hurst, who blogs at TravelingMamas.com, tells us that 2009 is the year to unplug and de-stress. She’s been getting outside with her daughter and thinks the one-on-one parent-child trips will be big this year.

“The outdoors is really a great way to connect,” Shannon tells us. “It helps families bond.”

Like everybody these days, Shannon’s pretty busy. She works at the fire department, in addition to being a travel writer and a mom. We might be biased, but we suggest you follow her advice. At least go check out the Mamas.

So, what type of trip are you planning this year? Are you headed abroad or staying close to home? Will we see gas prices shoot up like they did last summer? Are you taking a “guys’” or “girls’” trip, or is it the kids, grandma and the family dog in the mini-van?

We’d love to hear your feed back…

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