West Virginia Adventure Racing

West Virignina Adventure Racing

West Virginia Adventure Racing Adventure Racing has gained popularity in recent years as athletes seek greater challenges in the outdoors. Adventure Races combine multiple outdoor disciplines that challenge not only strength and endurance, but team work and mental tenacity.

Adventure races vary in length from a sprint style, lasting just a few hours to an expedition which can last as long as 10 days. Once the clock starts, racers navigate the course, as long as individuals or teams meet checkpoints before cut off times they decide when and how long to rest. Racers carry their own gear and can resupply at transition areas. Often the teamwork required to navigate a course together can be the toughest challenge of Adventure Racing. Navigating team dynamics can make navigating the terrain seem simple. Some teams will simply meet at the transitions and relay, with each team member completing a section of the race. Other times teams are expected to stay together and complete the course as a team.

Adventure Races are held in some of the wildest and most rugged places on the planet, so it should come as no surprise that many are held in West Virginia. The entire state of West Virginia is located within the Appalachian Mountains, the terrain is steep and rugged. The state also boasts the highest stream densities of any region in North America, with over 40,000 water miles or 1.65 miles of water per 1 square mile, now you know why we love it here so much. Add in the sandstone cliffs and hardwood forests and thick foliage and you’ve found natures most challenging and beautiful adventure race course.

This year there are 2 amazing and tough adventure races right here in our backyard; the Wild Wonderful 24HR Adventure Race and The New River Gorge Challenge. We are excited and proud to support the 24HR Race by offering gear and guides for the whitewater section of the Wild and Wonderful 24HR race. Once the paddles hit the water, our guides go from leisure mode to full-on competition mode. The guides lend support and well, guidance through the Class II-V whitewater of the Lower New River after racers have completed the cross country run, navigation and mountain bike sections. The Wild and Wonderful 24HR race is May17.

Just down the road in Fayetteville, the New River Gorge Challenge takes racers all through the gorge on foot, wheel and watercraft. Racers run from Fayetteville to Cunard and paddle the Lower New and then mountain bike from Fayette Station through the Gorge back to Fayetteville. The New River Challenge is August 2.

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