West Virginia White Water Rafting Stories: The People Behind The Paddles

White water rafting in West Virginia on the best rivers in the world attracts some of the coolest, funniest, wierdest, and all-around-greatest people in the world.  They change their lives to come here. So we thought it would be fun to show you some of the faces that call ACE and the New River Gorge home.

Hi.  My name’s Brad.

It seems like a blur, as though just a few days ago I was running a small construction company in South Carolina and struggling with a slowing economy. At 22 years old the idea of starting a construction company seemed like my dream job. I could have all the time off I wanted, make tons of money, not have to work to hard.Yeah, I really thought that!

Fast forward six and a half years, reality had set in and it wasn’t pretty. How did I get suckered into this? This is not what I signed up for but I’m stuck. I was spoiled by a lifestyle I didn’t know how to give up. I had to make a lifestyle change and after a lot of searching I figured it out.


Here’s the thing: I always wanted a job that was fun and utilized all my skills. So what job should a Whitewater Kayaker, Rock Climber, Ice Climber, Mountain Biker, Paintballer, Former Minor League Football player, Tap/Jazz/Ballet Dancer (seriously), Governor School for the Performing Arts Graduate, Thespian, Certified Welder, Professional Painter, Equipment Operator, Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, Barista, Boy Scout, with a rugged exterior, strikingly handsome face, charming southern drawl, and a golden tongue do for a living?

Wait, I think I left something out. Humble! Believe it or not, in one season at ACE, I used everything on that list! I thoroughly believe this industry and ACE is exactly what my life needed and the only reason they call West Virginia “Almost Heaven” is because “Heaven” was already taken.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce myself! My name’s Bradley Scott (A.K.A. Spoon) and I am now not only a raft guide but also the department manager for Paintball and the Mud Obstacle Course at ACE Adventure Resort.

I’m also the Asst. Manager in the Kayak shop (ACE Adventure Gear), and can be found living the river life in “Wild and Wonderful West Virginia”. If you’re looking to shoot some paint at your friends/family or maybe just sling some mud on them, I’m your man!

Come and spend a weekend, a week, or even a month with us. You won’t get bored, that’s for sure. And who knows? You might just be inspired to make a lifestyle change yourself!

Feel like introducing yourself? Shout out in the comments – I promise I’ll holler back!

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  • Laurie Loger

    quite a few years ago i had my first white water experience there at ace on the new river it was a fabulous time.  a few friends of mine and i were thinking about runnin the  new again and we are just wonderin if our guide was still there his name was Paul Gray.  thanks

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