West Virginia Zip Line Brings Best Friends Closer

I have found ACE’s Zip Line in West Virginia is the perfect adventure on which to take visiting friends because it appeals to just about everyone.

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s exciting.

An old friend comes to New River Country

Recently, my best friend of 31 years came to visit. I picked her up from the Charleston, WV airport in fifty-degree weather, low clouds and a nippy breeze. OK, not such a good start. She lives on the coast of North Carolina, and although I prepared her for the temperature change, I was banking on an extra twenty degrees.

Although Shell and I have kept in touch over the years and still make each other laugh until we are doubled over, our lives have taken very different paths.

I live on a mini-farm; she lives in a quiet neighborhood.

I spend my free time mountain biking, hiking, playing with the dogs or digging in the dirt; Shell makes beautiful artwork, rescues bunnies in need and enjoys a good book and an even better cup of coffee.

Heck, I don’t even drink coffee. Oh, did I mention she is a vegetarian? And I am a meat-eater.

As we made the trek back to Fayette County, all my concerns began to slip away and the comfort of being in the presence of an “old” friend took over.

The West Virginia outdoors make filling up the days easy

When Shell mentioned coming for a visit, I was a little concerned that I could not fill up three days, and we would be standing around staring at each other, or worse, have to resort to watching TV.

The weekend was perfect. We hiked my favorite trails in the New River Gorge – the Kaymoor Trail and Long Point Trail. We had lunch at the Vandalian in Fayetteville – many good options for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

We cruised around downtown Fayetteville, zip-lined with ACE and enjoyed coffee and tea at BlueSmoke Salsa in Ansted.

West Virginia zip line adventure

Our zip line group was small — Shell, me, a wonderful family from Michigan and a sweet couple from Richmond, Virginia — and hit it off from the start. We all had so much fun, and we had fun together.

Certainly, my perspective is a little different. I work for ACE. But when was the last time you spent a day with strangers only to become friends by day’s end? That’s what ACE adventures do – they make better friends out of best friends and friends out of strangers.

In the end, I concluded that Shell and I are different people, but somehow still the same. It was a wonderful weekend in the heart of West Virginia – I recommend you try it, too. And bring a friend along.

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