We’ve come a long way, baby — the Outfitters Store!

Over the past 20 some years I’ve worked at ACE, the store has certainly grown.

In 1989 we operated out of the Glen Jean base (I know some of you remember those days) and the store had a very limited selection of T Shirts—2 styles, 3 colors. Tan, yellow and light blue. The store was a room perhaps 12 x 30, small and cramped. In 1990 we made the move to the present ACE Adventure Resort complex and used one of the new buildings they had built. What is now the reservation office was then the store/video viewing/changing rooms. It had a plank floor and some of the kids would scrounge around under the building for the change customers had dropped through the floor. It had no heat, and the restroom facility was a porta-john.

With so much more space we were able to carry a lot more t-shirts in a lot more colors. Before the advent of wetsuit bootie rentals, we sold lots of primitive wetsuit material socks—very uncomfortable but they worked! For video viewing, we showed one video at a time and everyone just stood and watched it, without the benefit of a bar close at hand.

Time marched on and soon we relocated the store to what is now the Lost Paddle Bar & Grill. I know, it gets confusing remembering what used to be what, but the fireplace in the bar was the centerpiece of the store back then and the side of the bar where the pool tables are didn’t exist. It was added on to give us more room, and as plans for the building’s use changed, it was time to relocate the store again—this time to the existing location next to the Big Top Tent.

The present location allows ACE to carry a larger variety of souvenir items as well as Columbia Sportswear, Decker’s (Teva’s), North Face and more. If you haven’t already, check out the Outfitter’s Store the next time you’re at ACE for a great selection of T-shirts, outdoor gear and WV products.

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