What “Double Zipline Bounce Pass” Means In English

I am not one of these people that is always on the look out for the next bigger, better adventure. I am quite the opposite.

I know.  I’m not the typical ACE employee.

However, working at ACE does consistently offer me opportunities that I have to take advantage of. It is for work, after all.  Here’s what I have to do …

Scaring Myself

I have ridden ATVs through the snow and mud. I have done our Zip Line Canopy Tour many times and love it more and more with every zip. I’ve even done an overnight rafting trip on the New River.

This time last year I was quaking with fear on Bridge Catwalk. The heights made me woozy. I don’t think I have a comfort zone any more and my fear of heights has dissipated.

So in that same vein, the Marketing Department road tripped to Burning Rock to experience the Burning Rock Express. Theirs is a dual racing zip line that rockets you 2,500 feet at speeds up to 60 MPH, the fastest on the east coast.

What’s The Big Deal?

ACE has partnered with them to offer the Bounce Pass for 2011. Basically, you pay one price and get trips on both of our zip lines.

Which is awesome.

What’s The Burning Rock Express Like?

Ah, the things we have to do for research.

Adam, the zip line manager at Burning Rock, greeted us and we did our safety training and waiver signing. Then, it was gear time.

My only issue was that the harness somehow managed to pull my pants up too high like I was wearing high waters. I looked like I was wearing Mom Jeans.

Everyone seemed to get a kick out of this. I, on the other hand, covet my vanity and failed to see the humor. Beth was hysterical and even had to get a photo for posterity’s sake (not included in this blog BTW).

We drove to the top of the zip line and the view was gorgeous. You can see the dismount at the bottom of the hill 30 stories below. This time, I didn’t flinch. No hesitation. The next thing I knew, I was mid-air and enjoying the ride.

And a great ride it is. Adam and his team are awesome. Our trips are very different, so getting to do both is a great bonus – a real chance to get the best of both worlds. Having said that, I will be back at the Burning Rock Express this spring for another Perdue brother adventure.

Will you?

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  • Sam

    What’s funny is the link that is created by “mom jeans”. I’m pretty sure it made my day. Thanks Scott!

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