What’s The Best Rapid On The Lower New River?

Of all the rapids on the Lower New River, I think I love Miller’s Folly the best.

As a raft guide, I like to ask my guests which rapid they liked the best several times during their trip and see if it changes throughout the day. Interestingly enough, it is not always the class V rapids people like the most.

For me, Miller’s Folly (class IV) has it all. Big waves, some maneuvering needed, it is long, and has the surprises at the bottom with hidden big hits, Invisible Rock, and of course, the fun Bloody Nose surf hole.

At higher levels when the surf hole is washed out, the wave train at the bottom right just keeps going and going.

I like to find unique “non-standard” ways to run some of the different rapids and I include Miller’s Folly in the “unique” group.

Thinking back to years ago when we first came rafting, I realized the first few trips I was so intent on paddling correctly, getting in sync with everyone else, and staying in the boat, I may have missed some of the sensation of just being in a raft as it rollercoastered down the different drops.

I like to have my guests paddle hard as we approach the first part of the rapid to build up some good speed, then just hang on and experience the thrill of sitting in a boat and going thru the drops at the top and the wave train just below without paddling at all. Then, we may need some crew strokes to get where we want for the bottom section and big hits down there.

What’s the best single rapid on the Lower New River? Miller’s Folly gets my vote. But maybe not yours.

I’m curious: What is your favorite rapid on the Lower New River?

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