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We are all passionate about something. For me, it’s my husband and two dogs, mountain biking, paper products and office supplies. As a kid, I actually saved (OK, collected) unique shopping bags and packaging. It couldn’t be a generic Sears bag, either; it had to be something cool like a Wave Riding Vehicles or Blue Ridge Mountain Sports bag. A little strange, I know, but it has made me who I am today: A connoisseur of paper and print material.

I have now arrived at my reason for writing. Back in September, the ACE marketing team discussed different options for our ACE Adventure Resort 2010 calendar (PDF download). Do we do the same 32-page calendar, or is there something else we can do that may be useful to our guests?

To be honest, we have not really been able to determine how much our calendar gets used as a wall calendar, so we decided to change it up this year. We voted, and the 2010 calendar you have today is the result.

It’s fashioned from a calendar I received for 2009 and used all year long. As someone who is planning for the future every day, this format (3 months on one page) was very useful, and I referenced it daily.

Well, it appears the ACE calendar is more popular than we realized, and many of our guests enjoyed the 32-page wall calendar. So here is the $1,000 question – what do we do for 2011? What type of calendar would be useful to you? Do you have a calendar that you love and would like to share with us? What about an online calendar?

After all, our ultimate goal with the calendar is to give our guests something that reminds them of how much fun it is to come to ACE. It’s spectacular here, and we want to show it off to the world.

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