Whitewater Rafting in West Virginia A to Z

We’ve been at this whitewater rafting thing for a while, so the schedule for doing it in West Virginia is pretty well known to us.  Now’s the time when we take a look at the upcoming year, recruit new staff, develop new programs and create YOUR adventure for 2011.

Keys by fotologic via flickr creative commons


And, you know, running trips in the New River Gorge is the best, don’t get me wrong.  But the planning part, for me, is a pretty close second.

As an elementary certified teacher, I’ve spent the last couple of months taking classes to renew my certification so I’m in full elementary mode. That being said, let’s take a quick look at the resort with the basics.

An A to Z of activities at ACE:

A- ATV Tours

B- Biking

C- Climbing

D- Dip of the Water Slide

E- Evening Campfire

F- Fishing

G- Geocaching

H- Horseback Riding

I- Initiatives on the Alpine Tower

J- Jump Rock

K- Kayaking

L- Lakeside Dining Lodge

M- Mud Obstacle Course

N- New & Gauley River Whitewater

O- Outfitter Shop

P- Play Pass at the Water Park

Q- Quiet Hiking

R- Rappelling

S- Sunset Showdown Paintball

T- Trampoline in the Lake

U- U-turn When You’re Leaving For More Fun

V- Volleyball

W- Whitewater

X- X-treme Adventure

Y- Youth Packages

Z- Zip Line Canopy Tours

There you have it.  26 activities from A-Z.  Yeah, some of them were a little bit of a stretch.  But that never stopped Dr. Seuss, right?

The point is, visit us for a day or a weekend or a week.  Doesn’t matter.  It’s going to take you a while to do everything.

That’s a good thing :-)

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