Who’s in the Back of Your Boat this Gauley Season?

Your river guide is the number one variable that makes your Gauley rafting trip (or any other rafting trip, for that matter) a success. Your guide is the font from which all river knowledge flows, your captain in the maelstrom.

But they weren’t born that way.  To give you an idea of where white water rafting guides come from, here’s a little video:

Piece of cake, right?

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  • Mabel

    Took a peek at this video and saw Jim in training. Could never forget this guy LOL! He was my 1st  on the lower Gauley this year and he was incredible! I started to think he was a professor of the river. 
    Things Jim taught his crew:
    1. How to accept dictatorship on a raft.
    2. Biodiversity of flora and fauna of the area.
    3. Brief history of the river
    4. How to read water currents and identify areas of danger and safety
    5. Paddling commands and proper technique.
    We were all willing students on board as most of us have not done it before. The water had reached 5000 CFS that day and we collectively wanted to stay in the raft. Not that we could remember everything he was teaching us so the intensity of our paddling matched his tone of voice.
            Firm instructions – we do as told
            Shouted commands – we put our backs into it
            Shrieking pleas for God, mother, & country – we paddle for all we’re worth!
    It was one wet,wild & hard ride but for newbies to emerge as Surfin’ Sunday champs that day? Couldn’t have done it without Jim who read us like a book. When to push and when to clam us down thru’ his lectures. 
    We entered ACE as strangers and left as friends with memories that would keep. 
    Y’all are doing great jobs! Snaps for all!

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear it, Mabel. A good guide knows his crew!

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