Why Everyone Should Get Their Friends Back Together

Ah, the New River Gorge.  It’s home.  But ever since I moved back to West Virginia years ago, I’ve wanted to go visit all of my friends in Atlanta.  They make me laugh like no one else can.

laughing_horse b&w by pdam2 via flickr creative commons

Somehow, though, something always seemed to get in the way. Money. Work. Bad Timing. Sound familiar?

Here’s the truth, though: excuses don’t mean a lot to good friends. You need to see each other.

And all of our lives are busy. Here’s what my friends are up to:

  • Riss is a teacher who has taken on a lot more responsibility at her job, meaning extra stress.
  • Joey is the manager of Bliss Spa at the W Hotel and he and his partner have a side business doing healthy, catered boxed meals.
  • Tana works all of the time and volunteers for the ALS foundation.
  • Rett is teaching at four different colleges in the Atlanta area.

It wasn’t easy for all of us to get back together.  And that’s kind of my point; it’s not easy for anyone.

But it was worth every second.

We always tell outsiders that hanging out with us is like getting jumped into a gang or joining the military. We break you down and build you back up. When we were all together, it was like a cavalcade of memories and stories. We laughed so hard, we were hurting.

Again, sound familiar?

One morning, I got up and was going to mess with Tana. But her Scott Sixth Sense was in full effect. As I sneaked up on her ready to pounce, she opened her eyes and said “Don’t think about it.” We laughed and cracked open the champagne, which is a pretty nice way to start the day.

It made me think of this:  When you reconnect with friends like that it reconnects you with yourself. And, in a way, that’s all we do here at ACE.  Reconnect people. Cool, eh?

Since I made this trip, I’m trying to convince them to make a trip to West Virginia for a stay at ACE. We could all stay in the Truman Lodge and go on our Zip Line Canopy Tour.

So, let me ask: when was the last time you reunited with your crew?

I humbly suggest that you make a plan with your old crew and come and rendezvous here. Don’t let years go by like I did before you make the trip.

Because, you know what?  You’re probably not going to get any less-busy anytime soon.

Are you?

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  • Cindy

    From the photo looks like you spoke to Waldo up at the stables about this….LOL.

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