Wildlife in the New River Gorge

WV black bearWhile you’re staying at ACE Adventure Resort, you are no doubt making such great memories taking part in exciting outdoor activities that you more than likely haven’t considered the diverse wildlife you will encounter. You are busy soaring through the trees on the zip line or breaking huge waves on the river, that when you see the majestic wildlife that has made its home in the gorge, you are taken by surprise. We aren’t talking deer and sweet little chipmunks. However, we definitely have quite the plethora of those as well.

The wildlife in the New River Gorge that you can experience while spending time with us at ACE, is no doubt- amongst the creatures you probably have never seen back home, or even outside of a zoo. Our hefty, at home friend the black bear has been spotted meandering through the woods multiple times. These guys are native to the hills of West Virginia. No need to worry about them however, they tend to only be spotted while floating down the river and you are at a safe, pleasant view by which to spectate.

Bald Eagles in WVAnother kind of wildlife in the New River Gorge that is frequently seen while rafting is the bald eagle. These have been seen many times, as there is a family that has made the gorge their home. This member of wildlife is our national bird for a reason. To experience a bald eagle soaring above you is to experience sheer awe. It will only add to your already great rafting story that you were able to see an eagle in its natural habitat. The next creature you will probably encounter isn’t at home near the river but rather the cracks of the large rocks that actually make up the gorge. The copperhead snake is a regular to see sunbathing while on the zip line tour. Again, no need to worry, he stays at a distance that is roped off, but still where you are able to gaze at a slithery creature you may otherwise never see. The anatomy of snake is amazing, but these guys are just cool in their own right. Not to mention to get pictures of such wildlife while on an already amazingly adventurous vacation is like having your cake and eating it too for the outdoor enthusiast.

To see these creatures in their natural habitats, while both you and the wildlife remain safe, is to truly appreciate nature. You already know you’re going to have a wild experience while on vacation at ACE, why not make some wild friends while you’re at it?

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