Win A Zip Line Trip For 2: Name Zip #1

Zip Line Canopy Tours in the West Virginia mountains are getting almost as popular as white water rafting. Almost. So, we’re looking for a name for the first zip on the tour at ACE. The person who comes up with the name that we select will win a trip for two on the ACE zip line tour. Awesome, right? We think pictures will speak louder than words in this case. To get your creative juices flowing, watch the video, then leave us your idea in the comments below. Good luck!

West Virginia Zip Line at ACE Adventure Resort

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  • Kristin

    I like “Dualing ZIPjos”  (like dueling banjos)!!!!  Kristin Kuchera

  • Angela H.

    Off to Never Never Land

  • Kyle

    Enter the Void

  • Michelle

    I like “Zipping through spACE”   

  • Ldevault

    Ace’s Appalachian Aerial Ropeslide  :)

  • Gary

    New River Rope Racer

  • WB

    Zip sliding away.

  • Anonymous


  • Andrew Fulton

    Zip & Zlide. 

    Duo Flyer.

    Side by Slide. 

  • Anonymous

    How about “Bird’s Eye View” zip line !

  • Carlton Croft

    Draggin Zippers! or Draggin’s Zipper!

    • Carlton Croft

      “2 Zippers Down” sounds good too! If those are a little to “adult” in nature, “Drag Line,” “Draggin Tails,” or “Steel Draggin.” Then of course there’s “Canopy Draggin,” “Forrest Draggin,” “Air Draggin,” or one from left field; “Curious Gorge!” And still more…..”Pro Leaf, or, No Street Drag,” “The Big Zipper,” “Draggin’s Hollow,” “Zippity Do & Da,” “Deliverance II,” & last, because I’m gettin punchy, “Skid Marks.” I think I like that one best.

  • K Parker

    High Tailing zipline

  • Nick V.

    I think “Look Ma, No Hands!”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t Shizip Yourself!

  • Anonymous

    or Zippin Xanster

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