Won’t You Come Play With Us?

With Gauley Season here, there is an excitement in the air at ACE Adventure Resort. While we guides thrive on and enjoy any chance to get on the water, we relish the opportunity to run the premier stretch of white water on the East Coast for 22 dam-released days, known as Gauley Season.The Gauley River is regarded as a Top 10 river world-wide, and ACE has been taking people down for more than 30 years.

ACE treats Gauley Season like no other outfitter in the area, and it can be easily seen in the experience provided to our guests. With extras that include:

  • Private put-ins,
  • Private take-outs
  • Private HOT lunch spots
  • New equipment
  • Different trip selection
  • Lodging accommodations

That doesn’t even mention the 1,400 outdoor playground acres and huge lake that is open to all of ACE’s guests. Some of the many reasons why ACE takes more people down the river then any other outfitter in West Virginia.

Working for ACE, the guides get to enjoy these perks as well, helping to deliver the best trip possible. The whitewater is exhilarating, the views breathtaking, and the lunches are delicious, and well earned! You have to come check it out for yourself.

There is only one reason why we guides live in tents in the mountains of West Virginia in the fall, the Gauley River, rapid-for-rapid the best river in North America, 23 miles of 60-plus world-class rapids — the reason why we are here, and the reason you should be, and the reason why people keep coming back!

Gauley Season is on for five more weekends. Why don’t you come play with us?

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