West Virginia Zip Lines Rock: This News Article Proves It

Are you wondering about why zip lines are the sweetest thing to do on vacation this side of white water rafting? Fear not. We’ve got answers.

Yes, we’ve been talking up zip lines forever. And yes, we’re the only ones who zip ON THE ACTUAL RIM OF THE NEW RIVER GORGE! So, y’know … we get why it’s so cool.

But if you needed further proof, there’s this: WVNS 59 News, a well respected and all-around awesome resource for news and news-ish-type-info in West Virginia, has a new story up about the ridiculously high fun factor of doing our zip line tour.

We were pretty psyched to have the news team out, and we had a great day for zipping around above the gorge, so it all came together in a perfect storm of vacation perfectitude. It’s nice to get a story like this that just kind of goes out there and says, “Hey, want to have fun? You might not know it, but this is what you’re looking for.”

Which begs the question: Ever zipped? What did you think? Let us know in the comments, people!

ACE's zip line canopy tour will make you giggle.

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