Zip Lines, World Records, West Virginia and Such

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Been to the ACE homepage today? No? Well, go check it out. We’ll wait (Don’t worry, there are no crazy fingernails there).

Pretty cool, huh?

On Sunday, June 3, 2012 we’re going to take a shot at a bonafide Guinness-approved Zip Line World Record of the most people to Zip Line in an hour.

Now we can hear you thinking to yourself (didn’t know it was that loud, did you?), “Wait, I’ve been growing my fingernails for nigh on three years. I’m only a couple years away from the record.”

Clip them. Ditch the nails and make your way to West Virginia. Fire up the chopper or inflate the hot air balloon or whatever you’ve got to do to get your hovercraft going and join the festival of awesome.

Yeah, we know. We’re pretty excited, too. We may just wear a cape or something.

And then– What? Just get on with the details? Sorry, we can’t help ourselves and start waxing all poetic and nostalgic and stuff.

Oh, right. Go here for all you need to know about participating in breaking the Zip Line World Record this June at ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia.

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