Zombie Prom and Rafting?

Zombie Prom Party

ACE’s Zombie Prom

What’s all dolled up and terrifying at the same time? I’m talking about ACE Adventure Resort‘s Zombie Prom! You’re probably thinking, “Whoa, zombie what?? My first prom was scary enough!” But bare with me on this one.

Imagine having all the fun of prom and none of the worry, because well, zombies do what they want. This means the fundamentals of prom, with a terrifying spin on everything. Every dance has its theme: There’s the ever popular 80s theme or Hawaiian theme and then there’s some that simply haven’t caught on. However, Zombie Prom is one of those themes that I believe just won’t die.

Why is this idea dreadfully better than regular prom? First, it’s different. When you’ve been to one high school dance, you’ve been to them all and we don’t want you to relive that experience. Typical dance themes are just becoming worn out. Zombie Prom though, now that’s a completely different idea. This generation loves zombies. Their classic creeps yet ever evolving in society. There are countless zombie theme activities these days, including entire parades devoted to just wondering the streets of large cities in your best zombie garb! The idea that we have just now added it as prom theme almost makes me ask, “Where has this been!” Secondly, you don’t have to worry about how precisely your tux is ironed or how perfectly each curl falls. The worse you look, the better! I remember back to my own prom days, when girls obsessed over every little detail concerning their prom attire. If each nail didn’t have the same amount of glitter on it, or one side of their head had fuller curls than the other, the night was basically doomed. Worry no more! Smudge your makeup and dirty up your dress because while zombies don’t have much on their mind, their looks would be the last. Those poor fellas worrying about if their dance moves measure up can rest easy knowing that people will be so focused on each others gruesome looks that no one will be focusing on their groove. Really zombie prom is better from all angles.  To put it simply, Zombie Prom is fun because it puts a terrifying spin on a rather traditional concept. This is the kind of fun that is simply to die for!

So what does Zombie prom have to do with ACE Adventure Resort? Well this year, the guides started a new ACE tradition= ZOMBIE PROM. To say the least, it was a smash. Raft guides and their unique lifestyles are always entertaining. And THAT is a guarantee!

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