Gauley River Summer Trips


Summer Gauley White Water Rafting Overnights

The Gauley River is a National Recreation Area, managed by the National Park Service. To say it's some beautiful wilderness is an understatement. Summer Gauley trips vary depending on the water level — sometimes we run smaller rafts, other times FunYaks (inflatable kayaks).

Most people come to run the Gauley River in September and October, for 6 weekends of unbelievably awesome dam-controlled releases. But we don't wait for Gauley Season.

No other company is on the Gauley day in and day out during the summer months, so we usually have the whole river to ourselves. We'll navigate:
  • Steep drops
  • Technical turns
  • Churning hydraulics
  • All the way to our private campsite.
  • One Day Adventure Play Park Pass

We'll pass Lost Paddle Canyon and the Meadow River. ACE guides will prepare a full grilled dinner on Day 1 and a hot and hearty breakfast before you hit the river on Day 2.

NOTE: Minimum of 8 people needed to book this trip
Just a couple other things:
  • Trip Length: 2 Days
  • Meals: Day 1 - Lunch & Dinner; Day 2 - Breakfast & Lunch
  • Tents & Sleeping Pads provided
  • Season: April - August
  • Minimum Age — 13 Years
  • Difficulty — Challenging (Class III-V)
  • Boat Size — Rafts or Funyaks, depending on water levels

Regular Rate: $300
Peak Rate:     $325

Call To Book: 800-787-3982


If you want an authentic, woodsy-white-water-camping adventure, this is your trip. Honestly, we're a little anxious about advertising it too much. It's that special. We run some crazy rapids. We breathe deep in some fresh air and notice all the noise there isn't. You bring friends, we all make new friends. Campfire. Beach. Stars. It's really nice.

Boat size and trip length change according to water level. ACE uses 1-person inflatable kayaks (FunYaks) and/or 4+, 6+ and 8+ person rafts. Mother Nature determines the boat size, but during an average year, you can expect to be boating the Gauley in the following crafts:
Month Avg. CFS Range Description Craft
April 1,200 - 5,200 cfs The Summersville Dam is being refilled making water levels unpredictable. Be ready to paddle! 4+, 6+ or 8+ person raft
May 1,200 - 6,000 cfs Expect high water - usually the highest water flows outside Fall Gauley Season. Great for the adventure seeker. 4+, 6+ or 8+ person raft
June 300 - 6,500 cfs The Gauley becomes very technical in early summer and must still be navigated by raft. A great option for those looking for a wild and scenic stretch of river. FunYak, 4+ person raft or 6+ person raft
July 200 - 4,500 cfs The rapids on the Gauley change to technical chutes and drops. If you’re ready to maneuver these river currents in your own boat, this is the time to tackle the Gauley. FunYak, 4+ person raft or 6+ person raft
August 500 - 3,000 cfs With the temperatures soaring, this is a great time to take advantage of refreshing Gauley flows. A perfect option for the active and adventurous. FunYak or 4+ person raft

As a general guide line the cut-off for duckies is approximatley 1.300 cfs on the Lower Gauley and approximatley 550 cfs on the Upper Gauley.

Riverside Overnight Trip Checklist

ACE Provides:

  • Guide
  • Tent & Sleeping Pads
  • Transportation to and from river
  • All rafting equipment (this doesn’t include wet suit and rain gear, however, they can be rented)
  • Meals – lunch and dinner on day 1 and breakfast and lunch on day 2. Vegetarian or dietary restrictions requests need to be called in or faxed as soon as overnight reservations are made
  • Beverages – sodas, lemonade, water, and limited supply of beer
  • One water resistant bag per guest for personal items

You Need To Bring

  • Sleeping bag / Sleeping pad / Pillow
  • Personal toiletries (biodegradable soap, towel, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Change of clothing for camp including dry shoes
  • Additional beverages
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Jacket for camp
  • Bug repellent

Optional Items To Bring

  • Books, games, cards
  • Waterproof, disposable camera
  • Fishing Pole (fishing licenses are available at local sporting goods stores)

What To Wear

On the river, May - August:
  • Shorts and/or bathing suit
  • Wetsuit recommended in cooler temps
  • Extra layers (be ready for rain)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses with strap
  • River sandals or old shoes
  • A happy "hanging-by-the-riverside-at-night"-smile
  • Video - What To Wear

Don't Bring

  • Towels
  • Wallets, keys, rings or jewelry
  • Digital Camera (unless it's waterproof, of course)
Special Notes:
  • All ACE riverside camps have primitive rest room facilities; there is NO running water or electricity
  • Please lock all valuables in your car, including jewelry, wallet, money or anything you do not want to get lost or wet
  • You will need to arrive for check-in 1.5 hours before the trip departure time listed on your confirmation

Whitewater Safety Orientation Video


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