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ACE Adventure Resort is now the world record holder for the most number of people down a zip wire in one hour, and we're honored to bring the achievement to America. Come tour the beautiful canopies of West Virginia with ACE and experience the gorge in a whole new way. Read on for detailed information under the tab "More Info".

  • Trip Length: Half Day (2-3 hours)
  • Meals: N/A
  • Season: Year-round
  • Min. Age 8
  • Minimum weight: 70 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 250 pounds

Rate Per Person $109

Mid-Week Zip Line Special*Minimum of 4 needed to book this trip.

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Night Zip Lining Tours

Night Sky Zip Line Tour

Zip-lining by the light of day is fun, but how about in the black of night? They say everything is faster. OK, maybe not faster, but it sure feels that way. Suddenly reference points are all but gone. Shapes and shadows come out of nowhere. Your sense of hearing and sense of touch leap into overdrive. An otherwise, breezy zip line cruise becomes a white-knuckle plunge across unknown depths.

At ACE, trained guides lead the way on this zip line tour of the New River Gorge. Each person is equipped with the usual gear including a headlamp to keep zippers on track.

Rate Per Person: $99

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  • Trip Length: about 2 hours – 7 zips and 1 sky bridge
  • Meals: N/A
  • June - October
  • Min. Age 13
  • Minimum weight: 100 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 220 pounds

Note: Requires 24 hours' notice to book




Video Instructions:

Zip Line 101 - Part One - The Harness

Zip Line 101 - Part Two - The Gear

Zip Line 101 - Part Three - Putting It All Together

Zip Line 101 - Part Four - Taking It Down

Here's a zip-by-zip rundown of what you can expect to find out there in the treetops:

After fitting your equipment and leaving the Climbing Barn, a short, on-property bus ride takes you to the start of our West Virginia Zip Line Tour.

  • All of our zips have dual lines so you can race your friends to the finish.
  • All of our lines are calibrated (angled) and use gravity breaks. For maximum speed, the hands free break system allows you to ball-up to go faster or spread your arms and legs out (starfish style) to slow down and adjust your speed.
  • Scenic overlooks and sight-seeing perches at all launch points and dismounts.

Zip 1: Parallel Plunge

This dual line launches you and your friends with a whopping 490-foot long zip through the trees on the rim of the New River Gorge. This line offers your first glimpse of historic Thurmond, an old railroad town with rich history and legendary characters; it is the only surviving town in the Gorge.

  • Great overlook here of the gorge, mountains and Thurmond.

Zip 2: Cruise Control

This 380-foot zip keeps the adrenaline flowing. Located on the lip of the New River Gorge, this line offers spectacular river and mountain views. From Zip 2’s dismount platform, you can see Jump Rock on the Upper New River, a guest favorite on ACE rafting trips.

  • Another great overlook of the gorge.

Zip 3: Rigor Mortis

This is one of the stars of the tour. This zip is a 680-feet long and over 100-feet above the ground. This line is also the fastest, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles-per-hour! White water rafters on the New River can see you zipping through the trees far above them, so don't forget to wave.

  •  Best view of the gorge while zipping - good luck taking a photo ;)

Zip 4: Mighty Mouse

Perched on top of our Climbing Area Entrance, this line is over 200-feet long and 40-feet high. It offers moderate speeds, giving you a great view into the Rush Run Canyon and the Gorge.

Zip 5: Sunshine


Ace Raft Zip Line Experience

This zip steps it up with a much steeper angle. It takes you flying on a 200-foot breathtaking ride from White Wall to Natural Arch rock formations. Clinging to the cliffs nearly 60-feet in the air, you will pass an old Hemlock, affectionately known as Graybeard.

  • There are two spectacular overlooks here. The first one provides an excellent view of historic Thurmond, while the other overlook peers downstream toward Fire Creek pool where the ruins of many of the old New River Gorge ghost towns can be found along the river’s edge.

Zip 6: The Racer

This is a super fun, incredibly challenging 270-foot dual zip-line that lets two people race side-by-side to the finish line. Who will have the bragging rights for the rest of your trip? You gotta zip to find out.

  • Zip Backwards if you dare! This is the only zip of its' kind in the state that gives you the options of going either forward or backward. It's a hoot. 
  • This was our originial, and only, dual zip. Due to it's popularity, it was the inspiration for our complete course overhaul, making all of our zips tandem.

Wobble Bridge

A fun Swinging Bridge about one-and-a-half-feet wide, this 150-foot long wooden bridge gives adventurers a change of pace with unique views of their surroundings. It does wobble, but it has rope and cable railings on both sides. Don't worry. You'll be clipped in to the safety cable overhead the entire time.

Zip 7: Boulderdash

This is a crazy 525-foot “blind” zip. Your guides have to communicate by walkie-talkie to give the all clear because you literally can't see the end. A great thrill as you zip to who knows where...

  • Specially calibrated to maximize your speed this unique dual zip has two settings. One zip is for those weighing 130 pounds or less while the other zip is for those who weigh more than 130 pounds.
  • You can ball up to go faster or spread your arms and legs (starfish style) to slow yourself down.

Zip 8: Terminal Velocity

After a short hike (a tenth of a mile with a sustained moderate uphill grade) we come to the biggest and fastest zip of the day.  Everything else has been a warm up for this monster. At over 800-feet long and over 120-feet off the ground, this zip will blow you away as you soar across the beautiful Rush Run Canyon. There is no way to describe the pure thrill of this one. You are going to have to experience it yourself. If you dare!

Sky Bridge

This graceful suspension bridge is over 250-feet long (almost a football field), high above the cascading Rush Run Creek (a native trout stream), providing breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains. Maybe it's because it seems like your are floating in air, but for some reason everyone seems to whisper as they cross this bridge?

Drop Tower

At the end of the bridge you come to a really cool 55-foot tall, dual decked tree house that marks the end of your journey. Take your time as you enjoy more great views and get ready for the final zip...

Zip 9: The Plunge

The final zip is one of the most unique and thrilling. As you sit on the edge of the deck and build up enough nerve for the "leap-of-faith", dropping off the edge for that monmentary free-fall feeling and plunging the final 45-feet to the ground, you will be wondering why this short zip makes you most nervous. It is an awesome ending to a great day of zipping.

A short hike to the bus ends your incredible adventure of soaring through the trees. ACE's Zip Lines in West Virginia? An experience you will never forget.

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